July 19, 2007

Tourist Friendly City

Isfahan is one of the most attractive cities in Iran. Almost all those who enter this country to take a visit from historical sites, spend at least few days in Isfahan.
In addition to its rich history, a river called ZayandehRood contributes a lot to this city's beauty.
But an important feature of a modern city is missing in Isfahan: it is not tourist friendly.
What do I mean by being (or: not being) 'tourist friendly'? I mean:
1- If you get lost in this city, you can hardly find English speaking fellow who might help you.
2- There are not enough restrooms, etc.
3- Detailed maps of the city: what a dream!
4- Not enough English signs in the streets or bazaars to help you find your way.
& etc.
Yeah! Those who visit the city as a tour and have tour-guide may enjoy the trip, but the problem is that indeed a relatively good proportion of these tourists are backpackers: they do not hire tour-guides because it may cost them a lot.
Then, what is the solution?
Very simple: a NGO may be very useful in this case. Suppose that an organization is established in order to register boys and girls who know English enough to serve as a free-tour-guide, and then introduce them to tourists who come here. This way, youth may have a good opportunity to practice English, while tourists may visit some hidden beauties of the city free-of-charge!


Lord Kavi said...

Dear Mohammad:
Its about three days that I’ve written an explanation about Nietzsche’s morality. But blogger has blocked my account and I cant publish it yet. I should wait; key say it’s a robatic auto blocking for spam links! I don’t really know what the hell it is.
So I want you to be patient just like me ;)
Your words about tourism are right. But its not the problem just in Isfehan; its in everywhere, in whole the country.

Take care,
Lord Kavi

Anonymous said...

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