April 19, 2010

Individuality is worth it all

“Capital dwellers” is the adjective attached to us. The smoky Tehran, the expensive Tehran, the merciless Tehran, the lonely Tehran! Loneliness is as fashionable here as individuality. And I perhaps fall for this individuality; this fact that not all the time I’m being monitored and judged. This is why I don’t like smaller cities in which, it seems, everybody is obliged to control you. In which all the people find themselves entitled to comment on every petty issue of your life, your appearance, your mood and your secrets. And the smaller the city, the more meaningless becomes the privacy. And the stronger becomes the rivalry. And gossiping and talking behind others’ backs becomes more frequent. And the atmosphere becomes more intolerable. Right, Tehran is expensive, polluted, crowded, not that much moral-minded. I, however, never exchange the individuality I have in Tehran for the [seemingly better] life in other cities.

Source: Green Desert

April 16, 2010

All the President's Dreams

A nice joke says that hedgehogs always dream of somebody giving them a close hug. A similar joke says that zebras always dream of taking a colorful photo.

In your opinion, what does Ahmadinejad usually dream of?

You have one week to participate in the game (either through comments or through Email) and the most interesting answer will be awarded 10$. Believe me, Ahmadinejad is not worth more.

April 7, 2010

A Dirge for an Old King

O’ the old Cheetah,

Once you were the fastest in our county,
Preserving the order as a king, the mighty,
Wolves and foxes in our desert scared,
To me, your strength was the utmost beauty,

As opposed to those who called you wild,
I believed in your potency to keep the county, your child,
Happy and prosperous, not letting lions of neighboring woods meddle,
It took many lives, I know, but this was what we had to abide,

You didn’t let anybody stand, grow up,
For you had to be the one, front and up,
And your turn came, to get old, to fall,
Wolves and foxes, waiting; they run a coup,

O’ the old Cheetah,

What did you do to our county?

P.S. 1: Big thanks to a cyber friend.
P.S. 2: Any political interpretation is due to your crazy mind. :D