November 6, 2018

برای آینده

در توییتر نوشتم که «درگیر جنگ با یک مشت حرام‌لقمه بی‌شرف شده‌ام. شرح کامل ماجرا را در یک پست زمان‌دار اینجا نوشته‌ام، که اگر اتفاقی برایم افتاد، داستانم دفن نشود.» آن پست را برای انتشار در آینده زمان‌بندی کرده‌ام که به طور خودکار منتشر خواهد شد. که صد البته امیدوارم کار به چنین جاهایی نکشد.

February 21, 2018

Interviews with Global Scholars

As of late December 2017, I was the editor of the Perspective Page in a national reformist newspaper called Vaghaye Etefaghiye, roughly meaning Current Affairs. The page was dedicated to bring new ideas to the audience, especially ideas of those foreign scholars which are relevant to the Iranian context.

Here is a list of my published interviews, including names, subject  matters and relevant links. The subjects in quotation refer to the book of the author(s). The list will not be updated as the newspaper got closed today, February 26.

1. Andrew Fagan on Human Rights, December 27, 2017
2. Loretta Baldassar on International Families, January 1, 2018
3. Benjamin Smith on Drug Cartels, January 4, 2018
4. Eric Lob on Social Unrest in Iran, January 6, 2018
5. Sahan Savas Karatasli on Social Unrest and Inequality, January 7, 2018
6. Christa Brunnschweiler on Social Unrest and Global Inequality, January 8, 2018
8. William Darity on Racism in the US, January 14, 2018
9. Jarrod Atchison on Conspiracy Theories, January 15, 2018
10. Ben Crow on Sociology of Water, January 17, 2018
13. Jury Kropotov on Free Will and Neurology, January 22, 2018
15. Eric Kasper on Celebrity Politics, January 25, 2018
17. Suzy Killmister on Human Rights, January 28, 2018
18. Matthew Beaumont on Utopia/Dystopia, January 31, 2018
20. Stephen Duncombe on Utopia/Dystopia, February 3, 2018
21. Christina Lodder on Utopia/Dystopia, February 4, 2018
22. Kenneth Roemer on Utopia/Dystopia, February 5, 2018
25. Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi on Iranian Revolution, February 8, 2018
26. Ali Abootalebi on Iranian Revolution, February 12, 2018
27. Gary Sick on Iranian Revolution and Iran-US Relations, February 13, 2018
28. Peter Kuznick on Trump Administration, February 17, 2018
29. Sara Saedi on "Americanized: Rebel without a Greencard," February 22, 2018
30. David Cortright on International Sanctions, February 24, 2018
31. Keith Payne on "Broken Ladder," February 25, 2018
32. John Livingston on "In The Shadows of Glories Past," February 26, 2018.