July 23, 2007

Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Zionism

As you well know, there is not a good attitude to Israel within Muslim societies. Here I don’t want to enter this debate, explore the roots of the problem or propose any solution; but I want to focus my attention on something which came to me as a surprise.

I used to believe that all of those Muslim analysts, who oppose Zionism, don’t offend Jews as a whole (i.e. are not anti-Semitic). Now I'm not that sure of this idea. You may want to know why; if so, follow this post.

Since about 7 years ago, by the beginning of my university studies, I was obsessed with Mideast conflict. Reading the articles and analysis of both sides (if we assume that there are only two sides in this conflict, which may be rather simplistic) and following the news, was part of my routine program. You know, there are too many groups in Iran (mostly, if not wholly, related to hardliners) which are bonded to this subject, and I have attended some of their seminars, meetings and workshops.

As said above, most of the anti-Zionist analysts (either in Iran or else) claim that they respect Jews, but the only thing they can never stand is Zionism. Yeah, it may be possible in theory, for we see even some Jews (some orthodox ones) who oppose Zionism. (Again, this is not my aim to judge if they are sincere, if such a thing is rational, etc).

Meeting some of these so-called Iranian anti-Zionist analysts helped me get a better grasp of their actual beliefs. Yeah, one may refuse to state his innermost feelings and thoughts in a public seminar, for reports and reporters may make many problems. Then when you get into the depth of his mind, you may find something completely different from what gets out of his mouth. Without referring to any special figure or case (for it may make problems), now I think that anti-Semitism is in the root of some of these anti-Zionism movements.

How can we find such an argument in their statements? It's not that complicated. Though they first claim that 'respectable Jews also do exist' and divide Jews as being 'bad' or 'good' (a completely black and white view indeed), after a while they (either implicitly or explicitly) state that 'if a Jew is a True Jew, he/she is bad'. Believe it or not, I saw some of them who even try to find a historical pattern of conspiracy done by (true) Jews to eliminate Islam. This kind of conspiracy theory is what I call anti-Semitism.


عابر said...

آقا من یادم نرفته ها
شدیدا کمبود وقت دارم
دوست داشتی بیا ادامه تفحص رو بخون
به زور نوشتم
یا حق

Anonymous said...

hello dear,I would tell you something,why do you always write about political issue?Is your blog political or....?as I saw,your title was written,What I see in iran....I guess you are always seeing political issue?We are living in iran and as we see what happens in iran but dont you think when a foreigner come to your blog, he'll think that we have just political issue in iran???your topics is really right and correct but sometimes,you can write about another issue,I want you to think more about that,thanks so much and good luck

ebrahimzade said...

یه بار دیگه می خواستم بگم نشد
اون بنده خدا پهلوی موسوی اسمش آیت معروفیه نه شهاب

تو قسمت لینک ها هم اسم وبلاگ عریضی هم اس اف او است نه یو اف او

این متن ها را هم اجمالا می خونیم فقط می ترسیم یه چیز دیگه فهمیده باشیم کامنت نمی ذاریم! یهو ضایع بازی نشه

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