June 12, 2007

Zero-Degree-Turn and Ahmadinejad’s speeches; what they have in common?

It was about 4 months ago that I found this site which I hereafter call a kind of "collective effort in order to improve the situation in mideast, though not a very wide one".

At the very beginning, I was very eager to find a subject that might interest others and write about it as soon as possible.

Oh! Yes! I live in a country that makes enough hot news every second, especially when we consider the capability of our president, Ahmadinejad! Seismic effects of his every speech may be interesting enough for any reporter to write too many articles about them, analyze his attitude, predict the future, or even diagnose his mental health!

What about nuclear issue? Do we need or want it? What do ordinary people think about it?
Democracy? Women’s rights? Hijab crackdown? Fuel problem? Next parliamentary elections and its disputed date? Next round of sanctions? Would it solve the problem? A possible American invasion? Pre-emptive air attacks of Israel?

Why did I forget about Israel and wiping it off the map? Or our foreign minister's stance that "every elementary student knows a country can not be wiped off the map"?

Today, I was watching 9th installment of Zero Degree Turn; a new series aired by Iran's state TV and one of the most expensive series ever produced in my country. For a while, I felt that this movie is somehow similar to our president, Ahmadinjad. After a while, I found the similarity!

First read these articles about 0-Degree-Turn:




For those who may not be eager to read those articles:The story is about a romantic relationship between an Iranian Muslim (who lives in France & is an associate of Iran's embassy in Paris) and a Jew girl; and it happens nearly 60 years ago: right at the beginning of WWII.

Now, for all:This story may address several important issues about Jews, Holocaust, Israel, etc, either implicitly or explicitly, but its better not to overestimate its effect on public opinion. my relatives and friends pay attention to the romantic story, beautiful decoration, and depiction of somehow previously forbidden scenes (like an Iranian boy who flirts with some of his pretty classmates, obviously girls I mean!) much more than its semi-hidden political messages (if they even understand that there is a political sub-layer in this movie). The only political issue, to which ordinary people (may) pay attention, is that Iranians were not hostile to the Jews while they were suffering anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe.

Now, about Ahmadinejad: Ahmadinejad may speak about Israel every time he travels to a poor part of this country; and people may be so quiet while he threatens this and that or speaks about countdown to the destruction of Israel. But you should know that people (most of them) don’t either approve or even listen to first half of his speech. They wait for the 2nd half, in which he is supposed to bring the oil's revenue to their tables!

Conclusion: Ahmadinejad and his speeches may be compared to that movie; very few people (if any) in the depth of the society would pay attention to their political messages.

Ahmadinejad is just a movie which may not push any real action within (this) society in its political terms. I’m waiting for its happy end, God willing!


Lord Kavi said...

Dear friend Mohammad:
I read your post and found your ideas great, the way you write (approach) and your good english was noticeable.
And I'll be happy if you read mine.
I'll add your link as soon as possible!
thanx dude.

Mohammad said...

dear frien
I could not read english well, but i promis to send a comment soon! if you can read persian, please contact with me!!

Mohammad M. said...

I can read Persian. indeed, I'm an Iranian who lives here in Iran! but I dont see ur weblog's address.
how can I find it?

Babak said...

I liked the originality of your ideas as well as your reasoning.

Mohammad said...

dear friend;
my blog's adress is:

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed. It's good to get a perspective from inside Iran, and not from Fox News in the US. I stumbled upon your blog, and I will certainly be reading it from now on.
Thnx from Cali

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