June 20, 2007

Stoning news approved by officials

few hours ago, I read about 'planned stoning of a man and woman who committed adultery 12 years ago and had been in prison since then'. That was published by a 'Women's Rights Activists Group'.

Original Source (Persian):

Another (English):

At the beginning, I was suspicious if that was original or fake; called Takistan's local judiciary office (Takistan is located in Qazvin province), and to my surprise, they approved the news.

Just for those who want to call: the number mentioned in above sources (for local office) is not true. call this number, and its not busy: +98 282 523 0676


ایرج شهبازی دستجرده said...

اطلاع رسانی شما باعث خرسندی است.
قدر دانی می کنم.
ملغی شدن حکم ضد انسانی سنگسار خواست هر انسان آزادی خواه می باشد.
از سنگسار شدن آنان جلوگیری کنید.
موجبات آزادی آنان را فراهم کنید.
حکومت دیکتاتوری اسلامی را از انجام این حرکات وحشیانه باز دارید.

Anonymous said...

man nafahmidam shoma in karo tayid kardi ya rad kardi?

Anonymous said...

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