June 14, 2007

Everybody who saw this place, got happy

Once upon a time, an Arab Caliph got out of Baghdad. Riding here and there, he finally arrived at a very beautiful suburban area of Baghdad.
The beauty of the place was really amazing. He ordered to make a palace and a small town there, and named it: 'everybody who saw this place, got happy'.
A history teacher in high school told us this story.
Right now, I wonder how 'Chaos Theory' is able to predict the 'Butterfly Effect' of that decision (the decision of Caliph to build a city right there).
If that king were sick that day, if his horse were not riding that way, if that day were within winter not spring, and too many more ifs, we might never see that city on the map.
Indeed, if one of these IFs had come true, that city would have been wiped off the map before its appearance!
One more question: if the Caliph were still alive in these days, would he name the city 'everybody who saw this place, got happy' again?
I'm not sure. Yesterday, this city saw again one of the most... sorry! I can't find a proper adjective to describe my feeling. Check news headlines for yesterday attacks on Samarra, in Iraq. The holy shrine of 2 Shia Imams got exploded again.
Waiting for a time to see peace brought back to Iraq, and see that 'everybody who sees this place, gets happy'.
God Willing
Samarra: Medieval Islamic writers believed that the name “Samarra” is derived from the Arabic phrase, “Sarre men ra’a” which translates to “A joy for all who see”.


Fattah said...

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راننده ترن said...

Hi Bro,Thanks for sharing,I liked it and I won't mind,but I wonder about the question:
"who's your audience?"
I suggest a farsi and english weblog,parallel!

شیدای کوچک said...

I got an email that offers me to visit you !
i'd been heard something befor, about "chaos" n "butterly effect" n "fractals" in some computer-programing field( like recursive functions ) !!
as i know, in my field, chaos theory in fractals , is realy wonderful !...

شیدای کوچک said...

نظر لطفتونه
عنوان مطلب قسمتی از شعر احمد شاملو بود
"دخترای ننه دریا"

Anonymous said...

With turbans like you have, nothing will remain, everything gets destroyed. You know your formost pioneers destroyed hundreds of libraries and shrines in Iran when invading this beautiful country. Now we see a bunch of you like mullahs and no culture in this great centre of civilization. Mourn on, mourn on for your husein dead thousand years before.....

mohammad said...

This is not Turban! this is my hat.

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