April 8, 2009

Iran’s Deterrence Power

This post is an excerpt of an interesting article.


From a general point of view, it seems that Iran’s Deterrence Power is based on 4 basic principles:

1- Avoiding trusting international entities

Considering International Entities and Agencies as ‘means of International Imperialism to Conquer World’ dates back to the very beginning of Islamic Revolution. Iraqi Experience, however, has made Iranian military strategists even more determined not to trust such agencies. According to these strategists, Saddam’s regime for more than a decade cooperated with International Agencies responsible for monitoring production and maintaining its arsenal and these agencies neutralized Saddam’s military capabilities to a great extent. Finally, when they succeeded in completely inactivating Saddam’s arsenal, Bush administration waged a war on Iraq in the name of Weapon of Mass Destruction which never existed at all.

2- Deterrence out of Iranian borders

According to IRI strategists, another important lesson of Iraqi Experience is about encountering Stronger Enemy. They believe that Saddam’s strategy based on encountering occupiers inside Iraqi borders was bound to fail. To avoid similar failure, IRI strategists have maintained that in the case of an American attack on Iran, war zone will be determined by Iran. It means that in the case of war, the aggression will not be limited to Iran, but would include Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Gulf countries, as well as other places. That is because, IRI strategists claim, America has offered Iranians some kind of Potential Hostages in the region. In addition to Iran’s own military capabilities, there are some possible allies who would help Iran fight against US in other parts of the region. Even some non-Shiite groups might be eager to help Iran. And this point can help decipher why some statement made by Iranian Officials about Holocaust, Wiping Israel off the Map, etc. Such statements were welcomed by millions of Muslims who hate Israel and are frustrated by other Muslim rulers who ‘are not man of their words.’

3- Getting Ready to Take Maximum Risks in Worst Cases

Iran normally prefers no military invasion. However, IRI strategists believe that Iran should be ready to pay ‘every’ price to make the enemy suffer maximum loss. For example, Iranians are supposedly ready to embrace martyrdom, i.e. to fight to their last drop of blood. In modern wars in which modern capabilities can make patriotism fruitless, such statements may be underestimated. However, Embracing Martyrdom translates into ‘Taking Every Possible Risk’ and that is what, IRI strategists believe, US can’t afford at all.

4- Maximum Preparedness inside Iran

Maximum Preparedness not only includes arranging for Asymmetric War and Passive Defense but also requires eliminating Fifth Column. IRI strategists believe that Iraq’s failure in First Gulf War did not lead to overthrowing Saddam’s regime for a simple reason: there was no alternative to Bathi Government. Hence, as long as there is no alternative to IRI, even a military failure can not lead to regime change. That is why removing every possible alternative would be on IRI agenda in the case of American-led war.


inSomiiinia said...

احتمالا اتفاقی می افته واسه شما اگه با پست کوتاهتر و آسون تری(واسه ما بی سوادا) آپ کنید؟

ali esfahaniyan said...

so hard i underestood nothing please zire diplom

نقطه سر خط said...

khastam begoyam ke man bargashte am vatan..nemidonam chera fek kardam bayad begam ama beharhal goftam

tasnim said...

شب شعر ولایی دارالولایه

ياد بود طلبه بسيجي شاعر و مداح اهل بيت (عليهم السلام)، زنده ياد ميثم کاميابي فرد

با حضور استاد محمد علي مجاهدي(پروانه) و سيد حميد رضا برقعي

پنج شنبه 31 ارديبهشت ماه ساعت 21

ميدان امام، مسجد شيخ لطف الله

ahmad said...

good analyse. specially for readers abroad.
But I THINK AGRESSION IS TRUE AND persin gulf is better than gulf!!
thank u

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I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

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I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills

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