July 28, 2008

Jundullah Killed 2 More Captives


According to BBC, Al-Arabia TV Channel states that insurgent Judullah (Army of God) group killed 2 more captives from 16 soldiers who were kidnapped last June in southeastern Iran. Thus the number of soldiers killed by Jundullah reaches 6. However, Iranian officials doubt current and previous claims of Jundullah regarding killing the captives and call it 'psychological war' and 'rumor'.
Al-Arabia TV Channel, located in Kuwait, reported on Saturday that Jundullah (which is active in southeastern Iran) called the channel to reveal that two more soldiers were killed. Jundullah spokesman threatened that "if Iran fails to release 200 of its jailed members, they would kill 2 soldiers every week."
However, it seems that Iran has not taken Jundullah's claims and warnings seriously. Gholamhosein Mohseni Eje'ei, Iran's Intelligence Minister, rejected recent claims and called them 'mere rumors.' He was quoted as saying: "God willing, all of the captives are alive and the claims regarding their martyrdom are not verified. We continue our lobbying and efforts and hope that they will be released as soon as possible."
Meanwhile, an Iranian group headed by Mahdi Hashemi (who is in charge of State Ministry) went to Islamabad to negotiate with Pakistani officials over the fate of captives. No details are revealed except that Pakistan has promised cooperation.
The latest kidnapping happened when Pakistan handed Abdolhamid Rigi (brother of Abdolmalek Rigi, head of Jundullah group) over to Iranian officials. He had been jailed for about 1 year in Pakistan.
Jundullah claims that it is fighting for the cause of Baloch ethnic and religious minority. Iran calls it a terrorist group. Up to now, tens of army officers, statesmen and civilians have been killed in violent campaigns of the group.
[Note: most of kidnapped soldiers were not employed army officers but just some youngsters who had been offering their compulsory military service.]


hillbilly said...

سلام رفیق
آقا من جواب کامنت شما رو در وبلاگم با ایمیل دادم - گفتم که اینجا هم بگم که اگه ندید من شرمنده نشم که تصور کنید بی جواب مونده در ضمن آی دی یاهو من هم این زیر مینویسم فکر کنم صحبت در یاهو راحت تر باشه


noghteh sare khat said...

hanoz in fek konam 2 ta post akhir ro bekhatere inke be internet dastresi nadashtam nakhondam,goftam biyam ye salami arz konam
va begam khoshhal shodim babate on marze roshani va tariki ke ghati shode ..eltemase doa

noghteh sare khat said...

matlabe zibakalam ro mamanon ke gozashte bodid,man nakhonde bodam

Saei said...

It was a nice post!!
I think you explain more explicitly about the obvious relationship between this terrorist organization and Al-Qaeda that reveal in wikipedia too.
and maybe about VOA and Abdolmalek

Anonymous said...

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