July 30, 2008

Read, in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher

He was troubled by all the injustice of Mecca.
Slavery, the mistreating of women, greed, gambling, the sacrificing of babies, and the reliance on idol gods made of wood and stone. So as he did every year, he came to the cave. Suddenly, He was surrounded by light.
When he looked up, he saw the Archangel Gabriel standing before him. He was speechless.
"Read" said the angel.
"I don't know how" was the reply.
Gabriel repeated his command three times. And each time the reply was the same. And then Gabriel taught him.
"Read in the name of your Lord the creator. He created men from a clotted blood. Read, your Lord is the most bounty who taught to use of a pen. He has taught men what he did not know."
And then Gabriel vanished.

From: Muhammad, the Last Prophet.


Some of Persian bloggers have decided to publish 27 posts appreciating today (27 Rajab, anniversary of the beginning of Muhammad's career as a prophet). Here you can find a complete list of them. Above photo was taken from here.


tasnim said...

hi and congratulations for today.
I have a question:
what should we do to hear the sound of GOD and see His signs?
How can we be in the group of "prudent persons" who bear God's signs in mind?

(sorry for mistakes!)


noghteh sare khat said...

eydeton mobarak

گیومه said...

من هم خواندمش و خوشحالم که توانستم .

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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