September 18, 2007

Is it Immoral?

Jahanshah Rashidian, posted something new in Mideastyouth. The main idea of his new post is this:
  • German-Iranian Trade is immoral: Because of totalitarian character of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), trade with it, apart from foods and medical goods, is immoral. it helps the regime to survive and to further tighten its noose round people’s necks.
Here is my comment to this idea:
  • As long as you don’t define “morality” properly, this whole debate is flawed.
    Need any example of this Flaw? Clarify your position on China: the people of China are so politically oppressed due to many reports, and many of their basic human rights are denied. But the country is so developing, and many believe that if it were not for the sake of this (oppressing) regime, people would be in a very bad situation. Suppose that a democratically elected regime could never achieve such progress: Now, is it moral to (for example) topple Chinese Government?
    I think this is not so easy to answer. Apply the case to IRI regime. If this regime were successful in economy (which has not been), was it moral to topple the regime?
What do you think?


ebrahimzade said...

پس "لرد" نیومده نظر بذاره؟!نکنه لرد هم خودتی میآی هی با خودت بحث می کنی برای این که زبانت بیشتر تقویت بشه!؟

مرتضی said...

من از دوستان حاج آقام(ابراهیم زاده)اصلا هر جا ایشون برند من هستم(یعنی میام )
از قرار معلوم شما مال بالای ممد آبادی!!!ا

Anonymous said...

می خواستم انگلیسی بذارم زبانم تقویت شه دیدم به مانیومده این مثبت بازی ها!!!ما همون سر کلاس تلاش کنیم کافیه
واقعا وقت می بره خواندن پست هایتان این روزها هم که وقت طلاست.....من هنوز مصرم وبلاگ فارسی راه بندازین این ادم هایی که اینجا سر می زنن دو تا شعر حافظ درست بلد نیستند بخونن یعنی فارسی شون هم ایراد داره فارسی هم بنویسید هم زبان خودتون تقویت می شه هم خلق الله!!!

Anonymous said...

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