August 27, 2007

Sun vs. Earth

(This post doesn’t have anything to do with politics)
A famous belief states that ‘Earth revolves around the Sun’. It also stresses that the other statement (‘Earth revolves around the Sun’) is totally false.
Something is wrong with the above belief, I think. Suppose that Earth revolves around Sun, and suppose that Sun is observing the movement of Earth (and probably enjoys it). This observer (Sun) will find the Earth moving in a path similar to this diagram (E=Earth, S=Sun):

Earth starts its journey from point 8, after 1/8 of year is in the point 1, after 2/8 is in the point 2 … and at the end of the year (8/8 of year) Earth is again in point 8. One year finished.
Pay attention: in point 1, S finds E at west; in point 2, S finds E at northern west; etc.


Now, let’s watch the whole process form E’s point of view: in point 1, E finds S at east; in point 2, E finds S at southern east; etc.
If we want to make another diagram from E’s point of view, it would be something like this:

It seems that if an observer is located in Earth, it will find Sun revolving around the Earth. On the other hand, if the observer is located in Sun, it will find Earth revolving around Sun. Therefore one may conclude that the famous story of ‘E revolves around S is true, S revolves around R is false' is true only when we consider other planets which revolve around the Sun, not Earth.


Gotta my point? Is there any problem with above justification?


Anonymous said...

That was a cool post; after a dabate ;)
and people have really thought sun rounds the earth in the age of copernicus!
But this great belief was dismissed with science and the first thing that stood against, was some religious belief (Church)!

great post!
I'm still here to know your answer to my "Divine Will" post


Lord Kavi

ebrahimzade said...

با اعتقادات مردم بازی نکن
البته باید یکی دو دور دیگه بخونم بفههمم چی میخوای بگی
داستان اون یا مهدی ادرکنی چیه؟ نکنه از معجزاته که مثلا به زبان ژاپنی یه جایی پیدا کردند و...؟

سفیر said...

ممنون از نظرتون. این موردی که درباره بخش بین الملل کتابخانه دیجیتالی هست رو چجوری میشه دید؟

ما و خودمان said...

آقا اولا سلام.
ثانیا ممنون از نظرات مداوم تون.
ثالثا این طرحی که گفتی رو اگه می شه برام ای میل اش کن
رابعا بروزم.

محمدمسيح said...

سم الله؛
درست شناختين خودشم! :D
اون كارگاه هم اسمش راز تخريب بود؛‌ فكر كنم با اون آقاي روحاني پير كه تو حماس كار مي كرد سر يك ميز غذا خورديم،‌درسته؟
يا شما اون آقايي هستيد كه يك مسئله ي مشتق دادين دستم؟

Anonymous said...

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