August 18, 2007

Scientific Fundamentalists

Fariborz (an author in Mideastyouth), who is used to getting mad by watching 1 pic or 2 movies (sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4, sample 5, more coming soon!) and then stating some propositions which sometimes most professional scholars of the filed hesitate to admit, posted another story of his craziness. This new story is called “religion is the enemy of civilization”.
For those who have not read & are not eager to read Fariborz’ post: there is an old question in the core of his argument: “What percentage of current world religion’s adherents have thought about their religious symbols like God, prophets, books and so on? let me tell you, for most of them even thinking about this topic is taboo!”.
In a comment to that post, somebody called Yaman had written: “… Really, this is quite stupid…I am an atheist myself, but I have not made a religion out of it. Apparently you have.”
Umm, excellent! Does it seem mysterious to you? Read the following article to find out how an ‘Intellectual View’ (like what Fariborz claims to have/seek) may turn into a new 'Fundamentalist Religion':
“Scientific Fundamentalists” by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Part 1, Part 2.
Good Luck ;)


hadi khojinian said...

محمد عزیز .امروز بعد از ظهر به کلیسای سنت آن رفتم تا برای دیدن مراسم روز جمعه ی کاتولیک ها تجربه ای کسب بکنم چون برای داستان جدیدم فاکت جدیدی داشته باشم . از دیدن مومنان مسیحی لذت بردم .در بیرون کلیسا دخترک انگلیسی معتاد برای خود فروشی پیشنهاد ده پوندی می داد و در داخل دخترک انگلیسی مومن داشت نان و شراب از دست کشیش می گرفت تا تبرک بگیرد و دور تا دور فضای مقدس کلیسا خدا و عیسی داشتند پرسه می زدند و من نویسنده داشتم به این فکر می کردم اگر خدا نباشد ما آدم های پریشان از زندگی چه باید بکنیم.از کلیسا زدم بیرون و به آسمان ابر آلود جزیره نگاه کردم دیدم زندگی با خدای مهربان برای من گناهکار چقدر دل چسب است .تا خدا هست باید زندگی کرد !

E said...

Good post, you should republish it on mideast youth so that more people can read it.

Anonymous said...


TO live life to its fullest
To thank God each new day
to dream of each new tomorrow
as another new adventure

I read your comment and enjoyed of your write

I live for love
its true

Lord Kavi said...

Dear Mohammad:
Excuse me, really I like you do it!

I read it many days ago and didnt know what to do: should I write my comments here or post it as another post!
But now I think I should write them, but dont know where! So I'll inform you!
please stay!

Lord Kavi said...

Yeah I pulished an answer to you right now!
Evanescence has a great song in her last album (I dont remember that album name) called "LITTIUM".

you will enjoy it more than My Immortal!
hear it as soon as possible ;)

Lord Kavi said...

yeah we need each other to pay attention ;) (its true more for me!)
and I wanna know if you read "More explanation on Morals: An answer to a friend! " or not.
As it was an answer to your Ethic post!

Lord Kavi said...

I read that "Scientific fundamentalists"!
but I think the writer wasnt right. he didnt know the real function of genes, mutation and evolution!!!
he even hadn't read "the origin of species", I promise you, cuz if he had, he wouldnt talk that way that evolution theory is fossils theory!

I think it's just a faithful lame answers to science to justify his faith, and nothing more!

Nima said...

Dear Mr. Memarian,

Sorry for this tardy...
In fact I'm so busy these days, and then cannot read blogs of the other friends. Please don't take it as an impolite behavior.

I'll be back...

Anonymous said...

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