February 28, 2010

Sweet Moments Gone

It’s so easy sometimes, so simple, so everyday issue, that you just get impressed once it’s gone.

That’s when you find out how badly you needed it, grown accustomed to it, even though it didn’t last for more than a few hours.

Those sweet moments which you didn’t taste when you sampled.


meghdad said...

I have arrived two days ago! i dont have any contact number to call you! mine is 09122061081. I am interested in talking with you!
khoda hafez

Anonymous said...

man zabanam ziad ghavi nist ta onjai ke tonestam bekhonam khondam
ya ali.

Anonymous said...

yadam raft babate inke be veblagam sar zadid mamnun.
ya ali.

a.sadeghi said...

تازه نفسم.
کلیک رنجه بفرمایید.
قدمتان روح نواز است.

Anonymous said...

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