February 21, 2008

The man who had no weak point

Imad Mughnieh got killed; the man who, according to David Barkay (a former major in unit 504 of Israeli military intelligence who was in charge of Mughniyeh’s file), had “no weak points, no women, money, drugs – nothing” to endanger him.

I don’t know how he got trapped or who won the sum of US$25 million dedicated to his head (dead or alive) by FBI. Israel denies responsibility, though there are some evidences which suggest that this regime might have been a determinant to the attack, including the number of ‘Israel’s enemies’ killed by car bombing since Dagan was appointed to direct Mossad in 2002. Hizbollah vows to retaliate and promises ‘an open war’ if Israelis are eager to embrace this kind of war.

I wonder what would have been likely to happen if (late?) Sharon had been assassinated in New York with Hizbollah denying responsibility. Not so hard to imagine the consequences of such an event when we consider that Israel devastated a country in response to so-called kidnapping of two of her soldiers by a movement which fights a legally-defined occupation, whatever the intentions of that group.


صدرا said...

مي‌بينم كه با دوستاي ما مي‌ريند سمي‌ناهار و ...
چيه ديگه نه مي‌خوني و نه كامنت مي‌ذاري؟

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