January 21, 2008

Supreme Leader supports Parliament in dispute with Ahmadinejad over a bill

Iran's parliamentary procedure requires each bill passed by MPs to be submitted to Guardian Council, which consists of several Ayatollahs as well as lawyers, and its approval is a must for enacting the bill of interest. This council checks every bill to be consistent with both Constitution and Islamic Jurisprudence. Approved by Guardian Council, President is legally required to implement the bill.
Last week, in an unprecedented event, Ahmadinejad rejected the approved bill and sent a letter to Iran's Parliament Speaker, Gholamali Haddad Adel, informing the parliament that 'the bill passed by parliament is in conflict with Constitution', implying that he would refuse to implement it.
Therefore, Parliament Speaker sent a letter to Supreme Leader and asked of his opinion or decree in this case. Supreme Leader's office informed the parliament of His final say: The government must follow parliament's bills.
Moral Result: Probably Iran's Supreme Leader is going to set a line between him and radical administration of Ahmadinejad.



salam mohamad jan
kheyli ettefaghi dar haale webgardi cheshmam be esmet khord. umadam didam daftare khaterateto ke gozashti inja. moshtaghe didar...
ya ali madadi

*samra* said...

i wish i spoke farsi lol

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